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MPE Engineering Ltd. joins the extended Englobe family!

Today, MPE Engineering Ltd. joins the extended Englobe family! We’re excited to embark on this new step in our company’s journey and begin building a new collaborative relationship with Englobe, a Canadian specialty engineering and environmental services firm with a well-established network of offices and facilities across Canada, France and the UK.

We’re proud to partner with Englobe to deliver complex, attractive service offers to clients and prospects in Western Canada and across the country. Rest assured we’ll continue to deliver our projects with the same excellence, discipline and focus our clients have come to expect from us.

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MPE Engineering Ltd. brings dedication, commitment and innovation to our clients to exceed their expectations for service, quality and value.
Multiple offices across Western Canada.
MPE has offices in 9 cities across Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia.
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Proudly serving all of Western Canada, MPE Engineering Ltd. has office locations stretching from British Columbia to Manitoba.

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