"We are dedicated to the success of our clients by providing high quality engineering services with honesty, Integrity and commitment, while maintaining a high level of employee satisfaction"
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Career Development

Growth and success in your career is based upon you. In order to help our employees attain success and reach their career goals, we will assist you wherever possible. This assistance includes:

Fostering Continual Learning
We recognize the need for continuing education and personal and professional development, and are prepared to assist our employees with educational programs, where such programs will be mutually beneficial to the employee and the employer. These programs include regular attendance at conferences/seminars and other events and providing professional membership enrollment.

In-House Training
This includes internal knowledge/information sharing as well as “lunch & learn” programs from outside companies, webcast seminars and e-learning.

Uncovering Opportunities within the Organization
This includes on-the-job opportunities such as appropriate multi-disciplinary project involvement, special projects and participation in internal committees.

Career Development Discussions
Formal and information discussions with your supervisor will assist in your career development, and to further aid in cultivating your skills and talents.

On-the-Job Mentoring
MPE believes in the importance of “Job Mentoring” as a valuable tool to assist newer staff in the development of their skills and abilities. We strive to match young and old, junior and senior employees in order to transfer invaluable knowledge, experience and life skills. This one-on-one program is aimed at helping you develop and refresh your skills, from project management to client development.

As part of our core values, we commit to conducting our business in a safe and responsible manner for our clients as well as our employees. To this end, we have an integrated Health & Safety program which includes leadership, training, inspections and audits, emergency response preparedness, communications and continuous improvement. MPE focuses on managing health, safety and environmental issues in a proactive, effective and coordinated manner. Work Safe Alberta, promoter of workplace health and safety awareness and education, has honoured MPE with the Best Safety Performer Award in 2004, 2005 and 2007.

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